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Another Two Steel Cylinder Beer 6 in 1 Filling Machines from Radar Machine Will Be Shipped

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The Chinese first aseptic beer 6 in 1 filling machine was produced by our Radar Machine.


Our beer filling machine has the following technical futures: 

(1) This model applies flexible powered manipulator to implement the procedures including grasp, reverse, wash, control, reversed reset, output the bottles, which realizes the fully automated production and the use of symmetrically open-type manipulator, as well as the outlet and inlet of bottles with different calibers. The inlet and outlet of bottles are realized by bottle-guide screw and star wheel that made by CNC, which can guide accurately the bottles into the bottle-inlet rail, and successfully address the problems of squeezing, jam, blocking, and destroy of the bottles.

(2) The principle of clamp-reverse-pressure-valve-type bottle washing process has a high efficiency and reliable wash effect. Continuous tracking type bottle wash process is efficient and outstanding in wash effect.

(3) The reverse manipulator developed from foreign advanced technology has features of grasping bottle precisely and reversing freely. The flashing valve applies plunger-guided shaft lip seal, which is outstanding in sealing performance and long service life, powerful in washing bottle, and accurate in alignment.

(4) The manipulator of washing bottle applies stamping and investment casting, and is made of stainless steel of GB 304, where transition clamping is used in the straight gear in the center, which makes the clamping, reversing, outlet of bottles stable, resulting in a high-speed, high-quality, and high-efficiency machine. The slider, pinion, and roller are made of high-quality oil-cast nylon, wear resistant and practical. The material used is pure, and the components have long service life. The material is not impacted by temperature, due to its little deformation coefficient. The contraction ratio of the material with 0-110is very little, which can meet the motion requirement smoothly.


(5) The inlet and outlet of bottles are controlled by bottle-guided screw and dial which are made by CNC, wear-resistant and excellent in material. Bottles can be guided accurately into the rail, eliminating the problems of squeezing, jam, blocking, and destroy of the bottles.

(6) Bottles with different diameters and height can be fitted well by merely rotating the lifting guide screw and replacing the dials with a corresponding diameter.

(7) The internal of bottle wash machine applies the principle of cylindrical tube shunt valve. Each shunt valve is directly connected to the high-quality PTFE, ensuring a smooth inlet and dividing of water and during the high-speed rotational process.

(8) Limit protection switches are set at the locations where bottles are fed and squeezed, as well as the lifting limited location, dial wheel device, master motor and so on. Once the bottles get stuck, the machine will stop and release automatically.