Complete set of beverage filling machinery

Thanks to Our Clients and Friends for Coming to Our Factory !

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In April,our clients from Russia came to our factory and ordered our glass bottle mineral water filling line,we establish deep friendship,we express our sincere thanks for this.


In our meeting room,we discussed technology for a lone time,including factory layout,equipment installation and debugging and etc.


Clients visited our factory and observed our different kinds of filling machines,water treatment,blending tank,labeling machine,film shrink wrapping machine etc.closely and carefully.They checked our production progress and spare parts of machine,satisfied with our machines and services.After then,we signed the contract.


Our clients ,our friends like China very much,we had sightseeing in Shanghai together.Their national like saying his toast, they said “for our company,better and better”, “for family,happiness and health” etc.

Thanks for blessing,we also wish our clients and friends all the best and the money follows.


Welcome to our factory!Thanks again, our friends!